Workshop at Yammer

After a successful time at Yammer for the Hour of Code, BHGH scholars were invited to attend another workshop hosted by Yammer. This time, the young ladies of BHGH participated in the Young Women Communication Workshop. A group of women engineers (and a few men) taught our female scholars how to communicate with confidence in the workplace and in their personal lives. The workshop consisted of role playing, personal anecdotes from the female engineers, and a Q&A.

One of our scholars, Julia, volunteered to role play with a Yammer engineer and immediately incorporated what she just learned from the session. Before they started, Julia said that they needed to do the “power pose” to boost her public speaking confidence. See the pictures below of her power pose!

  • photo 1 (2)
  • photo 2 (2)
  • photo 2 (3)
  • photo 4
  • Power pose
  • photo 3 (1)