Volunteer Spotlight & Testimonial: Jenny


Today, November 21st marks the one year anniversary of service for one of our most dedicated volunteers, Jenny! We are humbled by her generosity to Hope Academy and have seen her grow as a volunteer. Beginning as a tutor and now moving into a mentorship role with one of our college-bound seniors. She is making an impact internally by joining the Community Associates Board (learn more about CAB here!) helping to raise awareness and funds for the program. Kudos Jenny! On behalf of BHGH staff and scholars we’d like to offer you our deepest gratitude for all the caring support you put into the program!


Here is Jenny’s reflection on her experience with our scholars this past year:

“I started as a Boys Hope Girls Hope volunteer around a year ago with no idea of what an impact the scholars and program would have on me. Each scholar’s dedication to the program shines through in the day-to-day activities, weekend volunteer opportunities and scholar mentor squads. Staff and scholars create an environment through that make Boys Hope Girls Hope feel like a second home. Every person who is a part of the program- the scholars, program leads and volunteers- bring so much to the table, which is why Boys Hope Girls Hope is an amazing opportunity to be a part of. Boys Hope Girls Hope’s mission to provide a long term commitment opens up so many possibilities that give their scholars the opportunities to reach their fullest potential!”