Uber gingerbread cars

This holiday season, Hope Academy scholars collaborated with the finance and accounting department at Uber for a career panel and gingerbread car assembly challenge. First, scholars broke out into small groups with Uber employees for career Q & A.  Topics ranged from high school memories and college choices to the typical workday of an Uber employee. An answer was also proffered to the age-old question: “What’s the difference between accounting and finance?” Michelle, an 8th grader at MLK Middle School reported, “I didn’t know there was a whole financial team for Uber, so that was pretty interesting to learn about what a company needs to function.”

After the ice was broken, each Hope Academy scholar was paired with an Uber employee to construct and decorate an Uber car made out of gingerbread. The creative juices flowed and some very impressive iterations appeared. There was the Uber SUV, the electric Uber, and even Uber cookie drivers.  And according to Jason, “it was delicious!”  Huge thanks to the generous team at Uber for donating your time, expertise, and creativity to our scholars.

P.S. We love our Uber swag!

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