Symantec Class

With so many cautionary tales about our presence on the internet, BHGH decided to bring in experts to teach our scholars how to protect themselves online. We invited three Symantec employees (Jenny, Alex, and Diya) to teach our scholars about internet security.

The volunteers made a short presentation about the dangers of revealing too much personal information online, cyber bullying, and differentiating scams from real emails. Following the presentation, the scholars and staff divided into four groups and did a phishing activity prepared by Jenny. The groups were called “Sweet and Sour Pork,” “The Winners,” “Better than Perry,” and “Team Moose” (names courtesy of the scholars). The phishing activity consisted of eight emails and each team must decide whether the emails were legitimate or not.  Although the activity looked easy, it was more difficult than we thought. The purpose of the activity was to show us that scammers are becoming more sophisticated and we must be careful online.

After the phishing activity, the scholars played jeopardy to test their knowledge. At the end of the lesson, the Symantec volunteers surprised our scholars with some prizes. Thank you to Jenny, Alex, and Diya for teaching us about online security.