Scholars’ Reading Reflections

BHGH Scholars’ favorite books in 2015:

“My favorite book is We Beat the Street, which is about three men growing up in a ‘bad’ neighborhood, doing bad things, and ending up with many consequences. I like this book because I could relate to all three characters at some point in their lives. This book taught me that even if you mess up, you can look on the bright side, stand up, and keep going.” –Oliver, 9th grade.

“My favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye because the main character is brutally honest and cynical which are characteristics I love about people.  Holden and I have similar values yet he makes more rash decisions than me.” –Will, 11th grade.

“My favorite book is Holes.  I had already seen the movie before I read the book and it was fun to learn even more details about my favorite characters.” –Rayburn, 10th grade

Breany’s reflection on Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers:

Prompt:  Choose a part of the text that moved you either because you liked/disliked, agreed/disagreed. Describe that part of the book and your reaction to it.

The thing that surprised me the most was that he joined the army. This was also my favorite part even though it is very dangerous and can affect him in so many ways. Joining the army was not something I thought he was going to fake as an option. he wa going to school much so he decides to join the army. In the book he just said that he decided to join the army. I reacted in a cheerful and sad way because well he was going to join the army to serve his country which was brave of him. Yet, it’s sad because his family and friend would worry about him. Also, at the end of the book when he says that he became an author that his dad said he was a “man” and it’s sad that even when he did go to the army his dad didn’t see him as a man.

Prompt: If this was a RIP list book argue for its continuation or removal from the list. Why should this book be on a college-bound reading list?

I would tell them that this book could teach kids our age and kids of the same race lessons because he made many mistakes and that teaches them to not follow in his footsteps. I would say this should be in a college bound reading lists because he does use vocabulary that not only a 5th grader should be reading. I would choose that it should continue to available and it’s continuation because it teaches many lessons about life.
Prompt: Connect this text to other things you have read, seen or experienced. What is the significance of this text in the larger scheme of things?

I think that I have seen a lot of racism in the world today and this is what I would relate the world to. The reason is that many people of this certain race or particular culture of African American or Hispanic are blamed for taking jobs and that they shouldn’t be in other places but in the place they were born. Or that they should continue to be slaves. All of those words are said by people today and I think the bigger picture is that they just can’t accept people and think that a race is bigger and more powerful than any other which is untrue. All people of all races and all cultures should be allowed to do what they want because they have the freedom and human right to be and do what they want. Especially if all they want to do is to be successful.