Remote Learning Spotlight | Julian

Featuring Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco Scholar Julian, a senior at Lowell High School

What was your summer like? 
I participated in three summer internships, called Peer Resources and Hiring Ability, and Poder. It is a requirement for BHGH juniors and seniors to engage ourselves in internships.

Peer Resources, gave me the leadership skills to host five showcases. Each month, they would have a prompt and date of when art was due. They held five showcases and awarded 30 winners $150 cash prize/gift cards.
Hiring Ability focused on job internship, we attended a workshop on how to keep and maintain a job, how to find your interest, and how to get involved. As well as community service work like beach clean-up and restoring the area at Mount Sutro.

Poder provided an educational workshop with art and opportunities to expresses yourself, learn about community values, and giving back to others/political education. I created a collage on environmental and social justice. The focus was on what resources do we need? What resources do we have? What kind of solution do we need in our community of Bayview?

How are you internalizing remote learning? 
I miss seeing people.  I know many students need a home right now to successfully attend zoom calls for school, to feel secure, and to be hopeful. I am grateful that I have that within my home and with the community of BHGH.
I am adjusting to the work style. I have what I need regarding books and supplies. I do not miss carrying books around, so that’s a plus! The teachers did a great job of providing everything online and the assignments/discussions have been clear and straightforward. I feel I work more sufficiently. However, it’s been challenging working with others because not everyone has their own space and don’t have the motivation to do so. This makes me really appreciate the group assignments in person. Although, I try being optimistic and try to break the ice to engage others in conversation.

The schedule has been very accommodating, which I like. I’ve been more productive lately. I’m taking economics and reading ahead because I know college essays will take over my life in a couple of days. I enjoy having the opportunity to create my own time schedule.

College applications progress 
It’s a whole new subject for me. Although, we’ve talked about this since I was in 6th grade. I know so much, yet I also have so many questions. It’s a lot different when we are talking about it and now actually applying, Luckily, I do have BHGH to walk me through this. I appreciate the office hours, BHGH has offered for scholars to drop in and ask for support throughout the week. I have finalized my list of schools and hope to apply to San Jose State University, Lewis and Clark, and San Francisco State University.

How is the balance between family and school? 
My family and I are great. My Wifi is so slow because everyone is using it. That’s something I can’t control.