Guest blogger Ramya on Deloitte/BHGH Holiday Party!

This year we were happy to welcome guests from Deloitte who helped lead a fun night full of learning, competition and holiday festivities! Please read below for a take on the event from one of our volunteers from Deloitte, Ramya!

“On Thursday, December 7th, a team of volunteers from Deloitte joined forces with Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) San Francisco to host a fun, holiday-themed event for 18 middle and high school students. The event took place at BHGH’s event site – Riordan HS in downtown San Francisco. The team from Deloitte worked diligently to make the event exciting, yet informative for the students. The event was thus divided into two portions. During the first half of the event, 6 Deloitte employees from different divisions within the firm hosted a career panel for the students. Each panel member provided background information regarding his/her college and work experience. Afterwards, the panelists encouraged the students to ask any further questions they had. Overall, the panel was a candid and informal way for the students to feel more inspired to follow their dreams – whether through college or the workforce.


After the panel, the event transitioned into a more competitive atmosphere. Students were placed on teams based on their color groups and worked in their teams to decorate gingerbread houses provided by Deloitte. While decorating their gingerbread houses, the teams were simultaneously playing a college-themed game of “Family Feud.” The students enjoyed vying against their peers for a prize at the end of the game. The Deloitte volunteers brainstormed a list of questions for this game to test the students’ college readiness. The students proved to be quite knowledgeable with the Indigo/White team winning a slim victory over the Hot Pink/Black team!

After the game was complete, Deloitte volunteers, BHGH leads, and students alike got into the festive spirit by further embellishing the gingerbread houses, snacking on holiday treats, and engaging in friendly conversations. All in all, the event was a great success! Both the Deloitte and BHGH groups shared a lot of laughter while making fun.”