Guest blogger Katie shares her thoughts on community service!

During my time at Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH), I have done countless amounts of awesome community services. This month we supported the Excelsior Food Bank, where I had the privilege to hand out groceries to those who need it. Participating in community service has changed me a lot as a person. Giving back has helped me identify a sense of community with my peers at BHGH. It’s become something so meaningful to me because since I have been so fortunate with support and care, I feel like I should give it back to others. I am forever thankful.

Almost every day, after school, I go the BHGH for support. They support me in my academics, career readiness, and many other things I didn’t know would be so beneficial for my future. In addition to the support they give me, they also give me a lot of opportunities. For example, connecting me with high schools, I’ve never thought of applying to because of their acceptance rates. However, they helped me with my confidence and prepared me well to stand out amongst other applicants. With all that being said, community service has contributed to who I am today and will continue to impact me in the future.