Guest Blogger Anayssa on this Month’s Community Service!

“Hi! Anayssa, reporting live! This past weekend BHGH scholars and I attended community service at the SF Zoo. Our task this weekend, were to clear areas of ice plants because they are non-native plants (bet you didn’t know that huh?)! Walking in, I thought we were going to just walk around picking up trash or cleaning up after the animals, but we spent the whole community service, ripping ice plants out of the ground. It was a lot harder than we all thought, ice plants are rough to grip! The plants had very strong, long, and deep roots. Most of the roots were taller than me, but I shouldn’t be surprised because I am pretty short. Moreover, while we were pulling out the ice plants I fell at least 4 or 5 times. I had to use all my strength to get it out and I’m pretty strong, so I was surprise it took so much strength. This was by far the funniest community service with a really great view! You can see the ocean from where we were pulling out the ice plants! I’m going to wrap it up, but join us at our next community service event and help us give back! That’s all folks”