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Supporting our scholars during this season of giving, DONATIONS DOUBLED!

Because of your support, we had the highest number of scholars graduating from high school and entering colleges in 2020. During these extraordinary times of uncertainty, we are grateful for your support, kindness and enthusiasm which allows the scholars to be overcomers and overachievers.

« OVERCOMER– one who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty.

« OVERACHIEVER– one who achieves success over and above the standard or expected level especially at an early age.

Their inspiring determination is manifesting because like-minded people (like yourself) commit to supporting and enhancing the lives of youth conquering dire circumstances. The scholars are facing the trials of 2020 head on, staying focused on schoolwork, and daily attending after school Hope Academy. They are committed and determined to take advantage of the opportunities Boys Hope Girls Hope provides, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

One scholar, Eddy, age 17 became homeless due to family disruptions and our team banded together and helped him find housing, secure a part time job and nurtured his mind so he understood the sense of “belonging”.

Lynne, age 14 received the worst news of her life when her parent was diagnosed with cancer. Again, the team stepped up and found resourceful support for children whose parents have a life-threatening illness. We check in daily to ensure she understands that “she matters”.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco’s goal is to raise $30,000 to continue our excellent programming and ADD vital support for our scholars and their families. An anonymous donor has pledged $15,000 as a matching gift to help us meet this goal of $30,000.

COVID 19 has created an era of loneliness and fear in families who were already facing significant barriers, however the programming team, welcomes the opportunity to be the surrogate family for all our scholars. We are just as determined as the scholars and wrap our arms around them so they can be well educated, career ready men and women for others.


We need your HELP! We strive to give Eddy and Lynne loving support and the best resources, so they can be the men and women they were purposed to be.

Please give generously to our scholars’ education, career and lives.

Anjana Utarid
Executive Director

Dennis Bradley
Board Chair

How does your donation support our scholars?

$50 – Transportation support (i.e., clipper cards, bus passes, etc.).

$100 – Holiday meal for one family.

$250 – Travel expenses touring university campus.

$1,000 – High school tuition for one semester.

$2,500 – University books and supplies for one semester