Boys Hope Girls Hope and Charles Schwab Team Up for Pro Bono Challenge!

On November 6th, Leaders of Boys Hope Girls Hope engaged with dedicated professionals of Charles Schwab San Francisco for their annual Pro-Bono Challenge.

San Francisco Executive Director Suzanne Palmer, with help from Board of Directors Vice-Chair Dennis Bradley, a Schwab executive, won the opportunity to participate alongside seven other Bay Area nonprofits!  There was an intensive round-table working session with five Schwab consultants coming from diverse company positions and skills sets, with a goal to develop a financial impact model for scaling up the existing Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco signature Hope Academy Program.  Participating from Boys Hope Girls Hope alongside Suzanne Palmer were Josh Wykes, Finance Committee Chair, Megan Monroe-Coleman, Program Committee Chair, Maggie Boyle, Community Associate Board Member, and Brian Hipp of Boys Hope Girls Hope International.

After the event was over, Brian shared, “The day offered a rare opportunity to have brilliant professionals bring creative thinking from their diverse experience to look at old challenges in new ways.  We have the start of something valuable not only for San Francisco, but for the network.”