Booka on Community Service

Last weekend, The Potrero Hill Learning Garden and Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco organization partnered with support from Umpqua Bank and resulted in a very productive day of gardening and service-learning in Jackson Playground.


Our goal was to prep our beds for Indian Summer by amending the soil. The soil had not been replaced for several years and was dust-like. The nutrients in the soil really needed some extra love.  The strategy was to scoop out the old, spent soil and replace it with fresh, fertile soil, provided by Lyngso.

We started the day by cutting back a very productive orange vine, a plant known as Black-eyed Susan vine, or Thunbergia alata, which was climbing down the concrete fence on Carolina Street and beginning to creep across the sidewalk. This was a mighty task, which 6 students handled with rigor and teamwork.


After a wonderful break with kid-friendly snacks provided by Umpqua Bank, we set back to work. The next project we tackled was to wheelbarrow the old soil out of the existing 16 raised beds. This was no easy task. The garden is very narrow and this intimate space creates some walking hazards when it comes to foot traffic. We managed to create a workflow using five-gallon buckets and teams soil dumpers and bucket fillers. Two hours later and we conquered all the beds.


Thanks to the collaboration between all the wonderful members of the communities – Boys Hope Girls Hope, The Learning Garden, Live Oak School and Umpqua Bank.