Luana’s Story

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Alumni Story

Without this program, I would not be the person that I am today, and so, I would like to thank Boys Hope Girls Hope and my mom for making all this possible. I look forward to the future and hope that the boys and girls who come after me in the program experience the same success.

With financial assistance from Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco Bay Area, I was able to travel to China this past summer to study Mandarin.  I went to Qingdao and took an intensive Chinese course that took a year-long class and crammed it all into nine weeks. On the weekdays, we had Chinese for four hours straight with daily quizzes and weekly tests.  However, on the weekends we did a bit of sightseeing, such as climbing the Great Wall of China, visiting museums, and touring the Forbidden City in Beijing. After coming back from China, I can say my Mandarin skills have improved significantly.  I am now taking a 300-level (advanced) Mandarin course at Vassar and it is surprisingly one of my easier classes. Going from being able to say just my name and “how are you,” I can now write a good solid paragraph, read a full-on Chinese textbook, and hold a simple conversation.

This year at Vassar, I hold the position of Vice President for Vassar’s Asian Students’ Alliance Club. My job consists of facilitating the programming of events. In addition, I assist the co-presidents when needed, book all spaces and equipment, and act as the liaison between our club and the Campus Activities Office.

Overall, I’m enjoying my experience at Vassar College and looking forward to many more.