Career Launch Pad

The Career Launch Pad provides all BHGH scholars the opportunity to identify potential career interests, explore college pathways to careers, and participate in the 21st century workforce.

In middle school, students will receive an introduction to career exploration, discover their personal interests and investigate potential career paths. High school and college students will delve deeper into specific hard and soft job readiness skills with direct intensive exposure to industry experts and experiences.

Scholars doing activity at Google

Middle school scholars: Explore

The Career Launch Pad will offer middle school students career awareness and exploration, allowing scholars to discover various career paths and hone in on areas of passion. Students will participate in various self-assessment and self-discovery exercises to learn about their values, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Scholars entering 7th and 8th grade will meet on Friday afternoons, from 3:30pm – 6pm, on the following dates: June 26th, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, and July 31st. During the 2015 summer, middle school scholars will participate in a minimum of 10 total hours of Career Launch Pad programming.

Scholars learning about Google

High school scholars: Focus

The program will help high school participants learn more about specific paths to various careers, i.e. the process of choosing a college, major, and career that fit their abilities, interests, and goals.  Students will also receive training from industry experts on hard and soft career skills. Scholars entering 9th -12th grade will meet Monday – Thursday from 1pm to 5pm, from June 15th-July 16th. During the 2015 summer, high school scholars will participate in a minimum of 20 hours of Career Launch Pad programming.

BHGH scholars potential future careers

Collegians: Pursue

College students will further their learning with in-depth immersive exposure to a variety of professions, office environments, and necessary job-readiness skills through guest speakers, site-visits, and experiential learning opportunities. The college students will have opportunities to network with industry experts and demonstrate their new-found knowledge ‘on-the-job’ through various experiential exercises. PURSUE will take place during an intensive week-long program August 3rd-7th. During the 2015 summer, collegians will participate in a minimum of 40 hours of Career Launch Pad programming.