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Have you ever considered the future of a child and thought

“If only he/she…”
… had a more stable home life?
… had access to a more challenging academic environment?
… had parents/guardians who were familiar with the complexities of our educational system?
… had the opportunity to live up to his/her potential?

These are the types of children that Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco Bay Area (BHGH-SF Bay Area) specializes in helping. BHGH-SF Bay Area collaborates with community partners to identify bright, motivated children, who—through no fault of their own—face challenges in their daily lives that limit their potential. Our goal is simple: to provide the young people in our care with the skills and resources necessary to become well-educated, well-rounded adults instilled with values who, when it’s their turn, will help others in need.

We do this in many ways:

By mentoring and counseling.
By providing access to college prep education.
By providing regular meals, adequate clothing and a safe living environment.
And by giving unconditional love that demands respect and service towards others.

Who are our partners?

BHGH-SF Bay Area has ongoing partnerships with dozens of community organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, each focused on helping find children who have great academic potential but are living in challenging circumstances.

Just some of our partners include:

  • I Have a Dream
  • De Marillac Academy
  • A Home Away From Homelessness
  • St. Martin de Porres School
  • Making Waves
  • Grandparents Who Care

How do we work with our partners?

We conduct ongoing outreach in the community, leveraging relationships with teachers, administrators, counselors and others involved in youth development to help find children who want and need the structure and support of a nurturing, residential environment and a challenging academic program to help them reach their potential.

Once a community partner has identified a potential BHGH-SF Bay Area scholar, we work together to screen the child according to the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 10 and 14 at the time of admission.
  • Be in need of an “out-of-home” placement.
  • Understand and accept the expectations of BHGH-SF Bay Area and voluntarily participate.
  • Be open to a long-term, value-centered, nurturing residential setting.
  • Be capable of succeeding in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Have the ability to relate positively to both peers and authority.
  • Be free of serious learning disorders and emotional/behavioral issues.
  • Have the support of their family or guardian.
  • Be drug and alcohol free.

The evaluation process consists of three phases, typically taking between four and six weeks to complete:

Phase I: introduction. A personal interview between the community partner (if applicable), BHGH-SF Bay Area, the student and his family takes place.

Phase II: application. Following a successful interview, a child’s parent(s) or legal guardian submit a completed application to the program.

Phase III: testing and visit. Once BHGH-SF Bay Area has received a completed application, the student goes through psychological and academic testing to determine his readiness to be part of the program.

The final step is a visit to the scholars’ residence, where the student and current scholars become acquainted. If the child is a good fit, he then becomes a BHGH-SF Bay Area scholar.

Why partner with us?

Because together we can help children reach their full potential who otherwise might not get the chance. If you know of a child who could thrive in the BHGH-SF Bay Area program, please contact us at 415.657.9302, or