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Success starts with HOPE

Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco Bay Area (BHGH-SF Bay Area) is a coed, academic and life-learning after-school program that that serves middle school, high school and college scholars. Since opening our doors in May of 2000, we have helped dozens of young scholars who have the potential to succeed academically but often face educational and life challenges that make it hard to succeed. We accept students on a voluntary basis, often at the request of parents who want the best for their children but cannot provide the right opportunities for them.


Academics and more

Several things distinguish BHGH-SF Bay Area from other programs. To be one of our scholars, a student must want to succeed academically. And it shows – in their commitment to their school work, in their academic achievements and in their study habits.

Long-term support

BHGH-SF Bay Area scholars typically join the program during their early teenage years and stay through high school graduation. But support doesn’t stop there. We provide funding for college and assist in job searches. We offer guidance on decisions both large and small. And we continue to take interest in each graduate’s successes and challenges on their path to adulthood.

Among other things, this means staying in touch with them during their post-high school/college years, putting them in contact with BHGH friends and family near their schools and being here for them when they have school vacations and breaks.

Where our dollars come from

BHGH-SF Bay Area is 100 percent privately funded. Importantly, 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to support the scholars in a variety of critical ways:

• Education in elementary and college-prep secondary schools known for their excellence and high standards
• Encouragement and support for extracurricular activities and community service work
• Financial assistance for college tuition, books, room and board
• Regular conferences with parents/guardians
• Assistance securing internships and employment


A proven track record

BHGH-SF Bay Area is an affiliate of the national Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH) program. The success of this program can be found in the following international statistics:
• Since 1991, 100 percent of the program’s high school graduates have gone on to college
• Over 80 percent of BHGH scholars participate in community service
• Approximately 75 percent of BHGH high school students achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Almost 90 percent of BHGH scholars participate in at least one extracurricular activity

Join us

There are many ways you can help
• Become a mentor
• Become a tutor
• Consider a financial contribution
• Become a partner
• Tell others about us

We encourage everyone to join us in providing Bay Area youth with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

For more information, contact us at 415.657.9302, or