Google Visit

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We have an exciting week lined up for our scholars’ Spring Break. On the schedule today was a visit to the Google campus in Mountain View. Our amazing tour guide, Zach Brown, took the scholars to Google’s museum where they saw some of the cool gadgets available to Google employees. The scholars tested out the nap pod, played in the ball pit, and used the Google Earth tool.

After the tour and learning about Google, the scholars headed over to “The Garage” to hang out with two engineers, Chi Zeng and Peter Djeu, and a product marketing manager, Nikhil Sheel. Here, the scholars learned about how Chi and Peter turned Google Map into a Pac Man game for April’s Fool Day. Nikhil, Chi, and Peter also talked to our scholars about what it was like to work at Google and how they got there. The result? Some of our scholars are now interested in studying computer science.

To wrap up our day at Google, Nikhil took the scholars to the Google dining hall for lunch.  Thank you to Zach, Chi, Peter, and Nikhil for an amazing time at Google!